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50+ Clients

15 Years Freelance

6 Years In-House

1mil+ Video Views

Thank you for checking out my portfolio, which contains my favorite client work. I’m happy to discuss details of any project, any time. Kindly visit the contact section below for more info. About me: I love bacon and ride motorcycles. I can juggle, yo-yo, speak German, and am mildly obsessed with bulldogs.


My clients value effective branding as a means to differentiate their businesses in increasingly competitive markets. For over a decade I have had the privilege of creating new brand identities and enhancing the quality of existing branding.

Print & Digital

My proficiency with the Adobe Creative Suite allows for quick and effective visual problem solving, and multi-platform media production. For fun I photoshop my friends' faces onto strangers' bodies.

Motion Graphics

I dove into motion graphics in 2009 on a whim and I’ve been hooked ever since. Motion graphics make good video great, and I shamelessly recommend them for any and every video project I can.


A self-taught videographer, I've had the privilege of both editing with very skilled individuals and shooting for incredible companies. Video, for me, is an exciting deviation from traditional design.


Though my skills are mainly visual, I can also manipulate HTML, CSS, and WordPress. When the coding gets heavy, I have a roster of talented web developers on call.


Photography has been both work and play for nearly two decades. In turn, I'm armed with an arsenal of camera equipment. Please visit the APR portfolio for published examples.

Reach out. I'll be there.

I'm an email addict, tirelessly working to keep my inbox at “zero.”

I’d love to hear from you. I’m always available for freelance work and I’ll readily quote design projects, big and small. Or maybe you'd just like to chat. I'm a really good listener.





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